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Iomega Clik! / PocketZip (1999 - early 2000s)

The Clik! disk (later known as the PocketZip) was introduced by Iomega in 1999, and used small, thin flexible 40 MB disks in a metal casing.

Although produced by Iomega who also produced the Zip disk, it was not related but it was renamed PocketZip after a class-action lawsuit involving the Zip disk and a fault known as the ‘click of death’.

Drives were available to fit laptop PC card slots, as well as externally connected drives. The format was also used in a handful of other devices such as digital audio players and a camera.

Clik! was a commercial failure, suffering competition from solid-state flash memory cards, and was discontinued in the early 2000s.


Dimensions: 54.6 mm x 50.2 mm x 2 mm

Capacity: 40 MB