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FlashPath adaptor for SmartMedia (1998 – early 2000s)

The FlashPath adaptor for SmartMedia was introduced by SmartDisk in 1998, and was aimed at owners of digital cameras that wanted an easy way to transfer photos to their PC or Mac without having to use a serial cable. It was also possible to use the ada

The FlashPath adaptor took the form of a 3.5-inch High Density microfloppy disk with a slot for the SmartMedia card on the side. The adaptor took two batteries, and required drivers to be installed on the computer. On a PC, the FlashPath adaptor allowe

A FlashPath adaptor was convenient to use, but was limited to floppy disk speeds.

SmartMedia was a popular memory card format for digital cameras but because no cards beyond 128 MB were released, camera manufacturers eventually switched to other formats such as Secure Digital or xD. While this made the FlashPath adaptor redundant fo


Dimensions: 94 mm × 90 mm × 3.3 mm

Capacity: 2 MB to 128 MB (depending on SmartMedia card used)