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MCD cassette (early 1980s)

The MCD cassette (Micro Cassette Disk) was a floppy disk developed in Hungary for use in the MCD-1 floppy disk drive.

The MCD disk and drive were developed as early as 1973 by Marcell Jánosi of BRG (Budapesti Rádiótechnikai Gyár) and granted a domestic patent in 1974. At the time of its development, the 8-inch floppy had only recently been commercially released, a

Rather like the later 3-inch Compact Floppy which was similar in appearance, the MCD cassette's floppy disk is fully enclosed inside a rigid casing with a complex shutter mechanism.

Unfortunately, it was not manufactured until the early 1980s, by which time it faced competition from floppy disk designs such as the 3-inch Compact Floppy and 3.5-inch microfloppy. Apparently some were sold for use with the ZX Spectrum in the UK, but


Dimensions: 75 mm x 100.3 mm x 7.5 mm

Capacity: 150 KB