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Olympia Micro-Disk (1977 – late 1980s)

The Micro-Disk (also labelled as Mikro-Disk or Micro-Disc) was a small floppy disk design used by Olympia for some of its electronic typewriters such as some models in the Supertype, Startype and Disque ranges.

Essentially it is a version of the single-sided 2.5-inch mylar Olivetti minidisc but instead of just a bare disk, the Olympia version houses it in a holder that helps protect the magnetic surface from fingerprints and also allows for a label to be inse

It seems to have been introduced in 1977, the same year as the Olivetti minidisc, and the Olympia Micro-Disk was used in a standalone drive that had one slot for the disk being read and four more that appear to have been just to store disks in. Later,