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Sharp Pocket Disk (1986 - early 1990s)

The Sharp Pocket Disk (CE-1650F) was a double-sided 2.5-inch floppy disk, holding 64 Kb per side. It was introduced by Sharp for use in their CE-140F and CE-1600F Pocket Disk Drives that were designed to be used with a number of Sharp Pocket Computers, a range of 8-bit devices that could be programmed to run simple BASIC programs.

Although the 128 KB total capacity was much less that other floppy disks of the time, storage capacity was not an issue given the limited RAM capacity of the computers themselves.

The Pocket Disc was a much faster alternative to the cassette and microcassette drives that were also available for Sharp Pocket Computers at the time.


Dimensions: 72 mm high × 70 mm wide

Capacity: 128 KB