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TA Micro-Disk (mid 1980s)

The TA Micro-Disk was produced by the German company Triumph-Adler, a major manufacturer of typewriters and computers, for use with some of its electronic typewriters in the mid-1980s such as the SE 1035/C. The drive it was used in was a standalone device, similar in concept to the Brother MD-200 disk drive that was used with Brother electronic typewriters. However the Triumph-Adler Micro-Disk was a different design with a more rigid case.

The disk was labelled as a 2.6-inch disk and had a capacity of 8 KB. It had no shutter mechanism and the the cover of the disk leaves a portion of the magnetic surface exposed when the disk is not in its paper envelope.

By the time of the introduction of the Gabriele PFS word-processor around 1990, Triumph-Adler had switch to a variation of the Mitsumi Quick Disk design, labelled as a 2.8-inch disk (rather like the 2.8-inch DataDisk used by Smith Corona) before switching to a 3.5-inch floppy.

The TA Micro-Disk is now very rare.


Dimensions: 73 mm × 69 mm

Capacity: 8 KB