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Caleb UHD144 / it drive (1998 - 2002)

The Caleb UHD144 (Ultra High Density) was a floptical-based 144 MB floppy disk system introduced in early 1998, by Caleb Technology, and marketed as the it drive. The it drive could read and write to DD and HD 3.5-inch microfloppy disks as well.

Its main advantage was the low cost of the media, but the UHD144 had little chance in the marketplace, competing against the much more popular and faster Iomega Zip drive, floppy disk alternatives such as the SuperDisk, and later CD-R and CD-RW.

Caleb Technology went bankrupt in 2002.


Dimensions: 94 mm × 90 mm × 3.3 mm

Capacity: 144 MB