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Iomega Zip U250 (2001 - 2003)

Zip U250 was a variant on the Iomega Zip disk, and was launched by Iomega in 2001. Like standard Zip disks, the U250 was a high-capacity floppy disk format.

The Zip U250 had a capacity of 250 MB and was fully compatible with the Zip 250 drive despite its different shape. Its launch followed the class-action lawsuit against Iomega for a type of fault in Zip drives dubbed the ‘click of death’.

The U250 disks contained titanium particles in the media to improve the operation of the drives, and were also self-cleaning. They came with a 10 year warranty, and were supplied in shatterproof cases.

Like the rest of the Zip range, sales declined due to the falling cost of CD-R and CD-RW disks, followed by USB flash drives, and the Zip U250 was discontinued in 2003.


Dimensions: 99.5 mm x 98.1 mm x 6.5 mm

Capacity: 250 MB